1. walking through zhongshan park

  2. people playing with pigeons in zhongshan park

  3. on “small stars a” graduation day:

    annie, maggie, kensey & cecilia;

    sandy and I, with the students in their graduation gear

  4. clear sky near work

  5. new pizza place across the street from my apartment

  6. YICHANG TRIP (6/2-6/4): scenic area continued

  7. YICHANG TRIP (6/2-6/4): scenic area continued

  8. YICHANG TRIP (6/2-6/4): scenic area walk

  9. YICHANG TRIP (6/2-6/4): entering the scenic area

  10. YICHANG TRIP (6/2-6/4): going up the river to the three gorges tribe scenic area